MAIA Biotechnology, Inc. is a targeted therapy, immuno-oncology company, focused on the development of first-in-class drugs with novel mechanisms of action that are intended to meaningfully improve and extend the lives of people with cancer. 

A privately-held company based in Chicago, MAIA is led by a passionate, principled and highly experienced Management Team with significant drug development experience, committed to advancing promising agents into clinical trials. 

MAIA’s business model involves placing drug candidates in their own dedicated, R&D focused subsidiary company, which is supported by the common infrastructure, management team, and resources of the MAIA enterprise. This model allows MAIA to provide more focused R&D support to each drug candidate, while also distributing shared central resources among subsidiary companies to maintain a lean, capital-efficient operating structure.


Our Pipeline of Investigational Drugs


THIO is a Telomere Targeting Agent that has been designed to selectively target tumor cells via Telomerase to cause damage...


MJC13 targets the regulation of androgen receptor (AR) by binding to a recently identified regulatory surface on AR (BF3). MJC13 is...


GMC1 is a FKBP52 co-chaperone-inhibitor for prostate cancer. GMC1 has been designed to engage a new pharmacologic target, FKBP52 (FK506...