MJC13 is a drug candidate with a novel mode of action for the treatment of prostate cancer

MJC13 targets the regulation of androgen receptor (AR) by binding to a recently identified regulatory surface on AR (BF3). MJC13 effectively blocks β-catenin interaction with the AR ligand binding domain and the synergistic up-regulation of AR by FKBP52 and β-catenin. MJC13 was shown to effectively block AR signaling and AR-dependent cancer cell proliferation in a variety of human prostate cancer cell lines, and preclinical studies demonstrate impressive effects on tumor growth in a prostate cancer xenograft model.

FKBP52 is a TPR (tetratricopeptide repeat) domain-containing co-chaperone that plays a critical role in the chaperone dependent folding of steroid hormone receptors (SHRs) into their functionally mature conformations necessary for hormone binding. Given the functional roles of FKBP52 in receptor-specific phenotypes, and its direct participation in the aberrant AR hyperactivity observed in prostate cancer, FKBP52 has emerged as a novel therapeutic target with the potential to treat castration-resistant prostate cancer, thereby filling a major unmet need in treatment. FKBP52 acts as a specific positive regulator of AR, PR, and GR functions through the interaction of the proline-rich loop with the ligand binding domain (LBD) of the SHRs


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